Spooky, right? Friday is our full day of workshops at SEER Interactive. Prepare to expand your mind, learn how to grow your business, and meet other boss ladies today! 

There will be two rooms hosting various workshops - the Main Room and the CEO Room. Attendees will have the option to choose their schedule, but keep in mind that workshops in the CEO Room will be capped at 20 attendees. We'll be sending out a workshop signup form before the conference to all attendees, so get excited for these bomb ass workshops!

9:00am - 10:00am


Main Room

Registration, Breakfast and Opening Remarks

Our first day of FearlessCon begins in SEER Interactive's gorgeous event space in Northern Liberties. Look out for the balloons at the corner of Germantown Ave and 2nd, and go up to the 7th floor via the elevator. You'll see a registration table right when you get off to pick up your name tag, schedule, and goody bag (!), followed by a light breakfast, bagels from Chestnut Street Bagels and coffee provided by Bean2Bean Coffee. We'll have a few vendors to shop around from, but take this time to learn the schedule, introduce yourself to other boss babes and get ready for a full day o' learning!

10:10am - 10:50am


Main Room

What Does Authority Sound Like?

Female leaders, are navigating a minefield of expectations and “do’s/do not’s” as communicators – often confusing, often reductive, and often directly contradictory. This workshop by Casey Erin Clark and Julie Fogh of Vital Voice Training will give you a crash course in the habits that lead to common vocal issues that keep us from feeling confident and how to access the most compelling, authentic, and confident version of your voice and communication style.

Social_Angelica Yarde.png

CEO Room

So You Want To Be A Podcaster

So you also want to start a podcast? Learn how to create a brand-focused podcast by the co-host of Heart + Hustle podcast and founder of Studio 404, Angelica Yarde. She'll be going over creating a brand-strategy for your podcast, using the proper tools to implement and manage consistency, and how to position your podcast as an influential brand to appeal to advertisers.

Limited Seats


11:00am - 11:40am

Social_Liz Klinger.png

Main Room

Entrepreneurship & Pioneering New Tech

Liz Klinger, Co-founder and CEO of Lioness (a company dedicated to improving the lives of women by opening up the conversation around women's sexual health using technology), will tell her story about founding Lioness and her role in inventing a completely new technology that's never existed in the hands of people before — all while fighting the uphill battle of being in the (unfortunately still) taboo space of women's sexual wellness and bringing their first product to market against all odds.

Social_Jess Herbine.png

CEO Room

A Crash Course In Google Analytics

You know you shouuuld be tracking your website traffic through Google Analytics...but chances are, you set-up your account three years ago and haven't logged in since. Join Jess Herbine, SEO Manager at Trinity Insight and Co-Founder of Broke Girls Go Out, as she walks you through the basics of GA, common metrics and KPIs you should be measuring as an entrepreneur, and how to identify your site's strengths and weaknesses. 

Limited Seats


11:50am - 12:30pm

Social_Johanne Wilson.png

Main Room

"I Ain't Sorry" How To Stop Being Over-Apologetic in the Workplace

What are we all so sorry about? Apologizing outside of the workplace can be a great mender of relationships. However, the problem with apologizing frequently in the workplace is that it can present the person as incompetent, unconfident and sometimes even untrustworthy. In this workshop by Johanne Wilson, Co-Founder of Cool Creative we will explore why women tend to over-apologize in the workplace and practice using more intentional language that expresses what we really mean in different situations. 

Social_Rachel Dukeman.png

CEO Room

Get Your Purpose and Personality in Sync

As entrepreneurs, we're on the constant hustle. We're comfortable being uncomfortable, because it means we're good at taking risks. But at the end of each day, how satisfied are you? It's simple, yet true: when you're happier, you do better work. So, the more in sync your career is with your personality, the more productive and profitable you'll be. Make it happen by outlining values or principles to guide your work and life decisions. Cut through the BS and see how much more you'll accomplish when you're free to say no to things and able to work with the people that complement you best. 


12:30pm - 2:00pm



Time to fuel the bellies and take a mid-afternoon break! We'll break everyone off into groups with our speakers to head to lunch* somewhere in the neighborhood. Now's a great time to really get to know one another, talk about the morning workshops and gear up for the rest of the weekend!

*Lunch won't be provided, but we have plenty of delicious suggestions for you within walking distance! Please plan on having $10-$15 for lunch - thank you!

2:00pm - 2:40pm

Social_Kim Mackenzie.png

Main Room

What Nobody Ever Tells You: How to Actually Get Freelance Work

This workshop explains how some creative freelancers are knee deep in work, while others are eating at Burger King three nights a week. Kim Mackenzie, Principal at Ripley Strategy, has freelanced with exceptional brands including Apple, the New York Times, Google, The Washington Post, Sephora, and Hallmark, so she knows a thing or two about getting clients. She'll cover how to sign new clients, build a soccer team network, and prep yourself and your business for the big leagues.

Social_Kristy Runzer.png

CEO Room

Practicing $elf Care to Live Financially Well

We do so many things to take care of ourselves: eat healthy, exercise, spend quality time with loved ones, BUT, we don't spend time working on financial wellness. Join Kristy Runzer, CFP® and Founder & CEO of OnRoute Financial, on how to create a financial wellness practice. You'll learn the tips and tricks on how you can get started - getting clear on where you want to go, how to get organized and look at the numbers, creating a money mindset, having an action plan to achieve your dreams, and most importantly, consistently practicing financial wellness.

Limited Seats


2:50pm - 3:30pm

Social_Elana Lyn Gross.png

Main Room

Pitch Perfect: How to Get Your Writing Published in Top Publications

Learn exactly how to get published in top publications like Forbes, Fortune, and Fast Company. With a resume that boasts articles written for TIME, Forbes, Fortune, Thrive, Teen Vogue, Women's Health, Business Insider, Fast Company, Mashable, Refinery 29, Brit + Co, Popsugar, The Huffington Post, Levo League, The Muse, and more, Elana Lyn Gross is here to help you take your pitches to the next level. Learn how to pitch top publications, write popular articles, establish relationships with editors, and become a contributor in your dream publications.

Social_Aneri Shah.png

CEO Room

How To Rock Video On a Budget

So you want to build something impactful? It's no secret that social video is a stellar way to engage a massive audience and build a personable brand. Join Aneri Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Sightworthy, and get the inside scoop on how to quickly & cost-effectively create high-quality video for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (and more!) to tell your brand's story.

Limited Seats


3:40pm - 4:20pm

Social_Cristina Alvarez.png

Main Room

Fuel Your Hustle

As fearless, hustlin’ women we’re busy with the grind and that often takes over all aspects of our lives. Next thing we know, we’re eating leftover pizza crust while responding to emails and fully fueled by caffeine. Join Cristina Alvarez, Founder of Nourish: Mindful Body + Mindful Life, in this dynamic discussion on the tools you can use to fuel your hustle so you can continue to slay in everything you do! 

Social_Hannah Marks.png

CEO Room

Empathy + Improv: A Design Thinking Introduction

Fearless women often face complex challenges in the workplace and throughout their daily lives. This interactive workshop held by Hannah Marks, General Manager at UrbanStems and current Strategic Design MBA student, will push the boundaries of traditional problem solving through empathetic understanding, improvisation and collaboration. Leave this workshop with a toolkit for creative problem solving and a community of confidence!

Limited Seats



Day One Complete!

Give yourself a pat on the back for crushing it today! Time to chill out and enjoy the rest of your Friday night in the city of Sisterly Love! Don't get too wild though - registration for tomorrow's big extravaganza at PowerPlant Productions starts at 9am again. :)